A Picture So Clear EP (10th Anniversary Edition)

by This Glass Embrace

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When sleep closes your eyelids, whose face do you see? Who is it you dream of? Does he still look like me?
I guess it’s safe to say we both knew this would come. So why does it hurt so much to say these words? I counted your steps as you walked through the gate, and heard the last turn your house-key would ever make. How long was your suitcase packed and ready to go before I stumbled across it in the back of our room? How long would it have taken you to work up the nerve, if I hadn’t picked that day to stay home from work? I said, “If you want to go, just go”. Your face blank with surprise. Your lips formed words, but then fell short as soon as your eyes met mine. I sat there and waited for what felt like days. Not seeing or thinking, just staying awake. I locked all the cabinets in the other room, saying, “you have to stay sober until you see this through”. Then the sound of your footsteps, and the key in the door. Your face bleached so pale, your eyes glued to the floor. Your words died on contact with the poisonous air, so without them you picked up your suitcase and left.
This is nothing I am proud of, but it's nothing I can hide. And I can drink the world different, but I'll still be me inside. I saw a question in the patterns of the rain outside tonight. There is still hope. There is always hope. But this is my last try. For all the girls in all the bars, and all the party-house backyards, I still can't seem to find the one I want to talk to. And every smile to catch my eye - each suggestion-laced goodbye - still just reminds me of the one I wish was here. Don't think that I'm not trying, but it's harder than you'd think: to lose your face in casual laughter, to drown your voice in offered drinks. And your night-to-night replacements (these travelers, so passing fair) can never seem to measure up to the one to whom they must compare.
Just give in. Just let go. Take my hand, because you know... there's no such thing as chance, baby. This was always meant to be. There's no sense in trying to fight it. We both know what this means.
It's not just this. It's everything. It's the thousand nights I've wasted, when I should have been asleep, and all these songs I can't not sing. As if it really makes a difference, when no one is ever listening. If just once I could feel like this mattered, I think that would be enough. But tonight, I'm the furthest thing from certain. Tonight, I just feel like giving up. It's not just this. It's everything. It's all these words I've scrawled on napkins, that no one else will ever read. It's too late to call; everyone's asleep. So let this song be my catharsis, until the morning brings relief. Just forget me. I'm a waste of your attention. Of your time.
I wish that I could tell myself that everything will be okay but I never really was much good at lying. You know that I would die for you, and now I know you’d let me if it only meant you never had to see my face again. And this is the last time I’ll lie and say I’m fine just to ease the weight of guilt upon your shoulders. Ten days without water ten weeks without food ten years without sunlight for each day without you. (Can you hear me screaming?) Now that I can tell you how I really feel, I realize that that’s what I was doing all along: every time I said that you were everything to me, and every time I said how much I need you. I wish that I could take it back… shrug it off… and calmly walk away the way you can. But when I told you that I loved you, it was never once a lie. Not even this time.
Here's the song I promised. I'm sorry it took so long. It felt so hard to write one that would be worth Your love. You've given me so much; I've taken much more. But please know I'm sorry that I couldn't be what You want. And please know I'm trying. I'll never give up. I know I'm Yours completely. It's much more than I deserve. But I know that my actions don't always fit my words. I'll never give up.
Last night I closed my eyes, and I dreamed that you were here. I kissed you by the soft blue light of the TV screen, and I held you in my arms as we drifted off to sleep. I wished I’d never have to wake up from this dream. But when morning came, and I heaved a weary sigh, I awoke to find your hand and mine were still entwined. And I breathed a prayer so softly to the sky. I thanked God with all my heart that you were really mine this time. I closed my eyes again, almost too scared to believe that my prayers had all been answered, and my wishes all redeemed. But the memories of last night soon came flooding back to me. So I smiled and held you closer as we drifted back to sleep.


The "A Picture So Clear" EP was the first thing we ever released that had the words This Glass Embrace on the front, and a picture of us on the back.

After a couple of out-of-print solo albums and a revolving cast of collaborators, we finally had a permanent lineup and an actual band name. We had big, big plans for our debut full-length - a colossal eighty-minute concept record about love and loss and a semi-haunted house, with experimental noise interludes and string orchestras and four (!) hidden songs. But we also knew that album would take a while to create. (It ended up taking over a year.)

We were excited about our new lineup and new sound. We wanted to release something NOW.

Enter "A Picture So Clear", our four-song introduction to the world. It had one song that we knew would eventually be the first single on our future record, and three non-album tracks we were still pretty proud of. We were a new band, in a new project studio, learning to write and play together. It was pretty great.

As little as any of us can believe it, we've been a band for over a decade now. As the ten year anniversary of this first little EP loomed, we thought we should get those first songs cleaned up, mixed and mastered a little better, and add some bonus tracks from the same sessions that have been either impossibly rare or straight-up unavailable for years.

So here it is, our first ever "anniversary edition" of an album. The original four songs (polished up quite a bit), a couple of top secret interludes, an acoustic jam, and one totally unreleased track almost no one has heard before.

Do we sound pretty young? Yes. Are our newer songs better, by almost any conceivable measure? We'd hope so. But we're proud of this EP, and the ten years that followed. Here's to the next ten.

-Matt LeFevers
This Glass Embrace


released March 7, 2007

Matt LeFevers - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, piano.
Kenny Rice - acoustic and electric bass.
Zoey LeFevers - drums.
Jackie LeFevers - vocals, synthesizers.

Guest vocals on track 4 by Andrea Laneri.

Produced and engineered by Matt LeFevers (2007).
"A Picture So Clear" mastered by Warren Ross (2008).
Remaining songs mastered by Matt LeFevers (2017).
Front cover photo by John Neal Molina.
All songs written by Matt LeFevers, copyright 2007.


all rights reserved


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