Don't Let Your Eyes Forget The Stars

by This Glass Embrace

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This is a punk rock album about growing up.

Each This Glass Embrace record we release tends to be a pendulum swing away from the last one. Coming off of 2013's "The Light That Shines Into Our Graves", we decided early on to get back to basics. "Graves" was definitely us pushing our instrumentation to the limits - harps, violins, djembes, banjos - and lyrically, we tackled belief, materialism, mortality, and everything in between. So it was only natural to feel ourselves kind of pulled back the other direction.

This time around, we set aside a lot of the layers and experimentation and focused on writing great rock songs with honest, emotionally raw lyrics. We wanted to capture the energy of the alt rock and punk we grew up on, without losing any of the depth and nuance of modern indie rock. This album is about anxiety and loss and growing into the person you want to be without losing the things that make life interesting along the way.


released July 31, 2015

Matt LeFevers - vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, percussion, ukulele, glockenspiel.
Kenny Rice - bass guitars.
Zack LeFevers - drums, additional vocals on “We Spoke”.
Jackie LeFevers - vocals.

Recorded 2014-2015 at The Mercury Room (Chandler, AZ). Produced and engineered by Matt LeFevers. Mastered by Nathan at Matrix Audio.

All songs written by This Glass Embrace. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Intro
I want to be the person that you think I am.
I want to know all the right words and say them.
I will be calm but I will not be silent.
I will grow up, but I will not grow lifeless.
Track Name: Hunters
The air is cold, along the windows and the walls. When I breathe in, it tastes like summer, but I'm exhaling bursts of snow. I cut the pictures from their frames so I could see what they would look like bare and empty, as unremarkable as me.

I am afraid, a campfire horror story fear. If I said your name into a mirror thirteen times, would you appear?

There are thoughts you have to turn away from quickly and pretend you didn't see. Avert your eyes and keep on breathing. There are reasons that you lie awake at night, things you ignore just to survive. And this is one of them, the lies you tell to keep yourself alive.

I've spent a lifetime mapping continents and seas. The charcoal lines of clean divisions, the fences and the ground between. What if this sentence spells the end of all we know? The wind will rearrange the pages and scatter everything we wrote.

This is a hunter's arrow shot through flesh and bone. It would destroy more to remove it than to just leave it alone.

What I can give you, I will give. Take all you need. You could take everything.

This is all I have to offer: weary eyes and careful hands. A voice that shakes when I am singing, a heart that's full of selfish plans. This is all I have to offer, though I will offer all the same. A love I hope will be sufficient, a promise I promise to make.
Track Name: There Are Echoes
This time next year, will this house be standing empty? Will the walls still speak our names? These songs we sang have settled deep into the carpet. When we're gone, will they remain?

And there's no winter in Arizona, just a summer and a fall. It's been maybe nineteen years since you've seen snow.

Can I forget? Please, forget? The taste of history is bitter in my mouth. If anything I chose was right... if any deed was good, I can't recall it now.

This time next year, will you still be praying softly as I'm drifting off to sleep? We prayed for change. For anything to break the silence. Now I wish that we could stay.

And there's no winter in Arizona, just a summer and a fall. I never thought I'd miss the mountains when I'd gone.

And this morning, entombed in the traffic, you started to think: if you could, would you rather be somebody, be somewhere, else? If you could escape all the nightmares that steal your sleep, would you be willing to forfeit the daydreams that make you yourself?
Track Name: Ruins
Last night I broke apart against a sentence. I am only pieces scattered on the page. What are the adjectives to keep the light from fading? What are the verbs that I can use to make you stay?

After the storm, we emerged from the wreckage. In the ruins, you soundlessly held onto me. There was hope but the ocean rose and claimed it. All my words are sunk into the sea.

I woke to morning and the sun against the concrete. I felt the summer loud and angry on my eyes. For a breath, I thought I heard the door creak open, but it was only songbirds, crying out nearby.

I didn't know a life could shatter in a heartbeat. I saw the monuments we'd built turn into sand. If it meant anything, I'd tell you I am sorry. If I could speak, I'd ask to hear you sing again.
Track Name: The Paper Sky
I am as quiet as the faded paper sky, the letters too washed out to read. The streets are empty in the tired morning light. The world is missing or asleep

I know, I can't just wait and hope. The world won’t change because I want it to. I know there must be more than this... I make the same mistakes and hope for something new.

I am intangible, a ghost inside the walls. I'm sinking down into the paint. If you remember me, remember how I was, not as the fragment that remains.
Track Name: Unspell the Words
There must be a moment, some fractional time. In the space between breaths or the blink of an eye. A chance to exchange "please don't go" for "goodbye". Don't say it's too late, don't leave me behind.

I'll trace my pen back through the lines. Unspell the words I tried to write. Take me apart, remake my face. I take it all back, if that's what it takes.

Is a song no one hears ever really a song? If I gave you my heart, does that mean that it's gone? This grief has a gravity I can't escape. I'm anchored in place by a dream I can't shake.
Track Name: The Sower
You scattered Your words with the seeds that were sown, but the path where they landed was hard. So I fell by the wayside, I fell by the road, and my faith was snatched up by the birds.

You scattered Your words with the seeds that were sown, and at first I received them with joy. But the soil was shallow, my roots hadn’t grown, and in my suffering they were destroyed.

Oh, my God… I’m trying to listen. Oh, my God… I’m trying to know. There is truth, there is life in Your whisper. Let me hear You -- please, don’t let me go.

You scattered Your words with the seeds that were sown, and I followed, I swear that I tried. But the cares of the world came to swallow me whole. My desires eclipsed Your designs.

Wait... I can be good, if You’ll help me. Wait... I can be better than this. Wait… I could be good if You’d help me. Wait… I could be better than this.
Track Name: We Spoke
We were laughing, we were alive. We spoke our words into the silence, the only words we ever knew. We lit our torches against the night... and if their light has faded now, if you've forgotten, I will remember for you.

If, when you put the pen to paper, they still hung on every line, could you have ever walked away? Could anything have changed your mind? But circumstances took that from you: the choice to stay or to depart. The same force that carves the earth in canyons. You eroded, slowly broke apart.

We will have our stories told. Be seen, be known. We will have our stories told, if we must tell them with our flesh and bones.

“And maybe it's for the best”, you whisper, in words you can hear, and no one else. “Perhaps it's better to be silent,” you say, as if to convince yourself. So let's be sensible, be solemn. Stand with our dignity intact. Let's be immaculate as statues. Let's be admired, cold, and dead.

So let's be sensible, be solemn. Stand with our dignity intact. Let's be immaculate as statues. Let's be admired, cold, and dead. And on our epitaphs, they'll chisel: "He always kept his hair cut short." "She never embarrassed us in public.” "He never, ever raised his voice." "She never shouted, never spoke."
Track Name: The Ship of Theseus
Sometime last month I started growing out my hair, and I know John won't believe it but I've been working on a beard. I hope this isn't just a change for the sake of change. I’d like to think that I'm improving, but maybe I'm just playing games. A fresh coat of paint, to disguise that I'm the same. We're all making progress, or at least that's what we've taught ourselves to claim.

Tell me tomorrow will be better than today. If you have to lie, then lie. I just need to hear you say it. Tell me everything we love will always stay, that what we've made will never die. Say anything; I swear I will believe it.

I used to have so many reasons not to go, but every single one has vanished, and I guess I didn’t follow. It feels like light leaked through the cracks around the bulb; the brightness drained away like water and left the fixture dead and dull. So what is left, when joy has faded to routine? How many boards can you replace before the house you built is no longer the same?

I need you here, whatever else may come to pass. If you left, it might not kill me but I would never be alive again.
Track Name: Colorado
You would have been happy; the first thing I did was start praying. For a moment, I laughed at the thought of me praying for you. My faith is imperfect, I know, but there's one thing I'm sure of: I learned from you most of what I ever learned about truth.

You were a gunslinger, to us you were a legend. I never once heard you speak a word that wasn't spoken with love. You were always so sure that we would make you proud, and I hope you were. I hope you are, now.

The strength in her voice on the phone made my own feel like weakness, and the first thing she told me was, "We lost a good man today". There was never a doubt in my mind you were destined for heaven. I never once saw your smile without glimpsing some other place.

To me you were John Wayne, plain-spoken and quietly fearless. I remember you best on the porch watching fire streak the sky. Is that mesa still standing, do mountains still line the horizon? A part of me thought Colorado would crumble when we said goodbye.

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