Yeah, We All Make Mistakes (Old Songs Vol. 2)

by This Glass Embrace

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Was it something I said? Or something I didn't know how to say? What exactly happened to make the woman you were into who you are today? You've drawn these schematics and measured these lines. You've made sure all your actions are brilliantly justified, because you'd hate to think you're making a mistake. At least not right now, not until it's too late. And if I seem surprised... don't believe it. I've been practicing playing this part for longer than you know. Rehearsing these lines - “yeah I'll be okay“, “I'll be fine”, “don't worry about me” - and all the while, breaking your heart with my casual surrender. Did it catch you off guard, the grace with which I could acknowledge the end? What did you expect? To see my heart on my sleeve, begging you not to leave? Well, I'm down on my knees - not pleading but dying. But this is a side of me you'll never see. I'd rather die than admit this is killing me.
Novocaine 05:02
If it's not work then it's school, or something else in between; whatever it takes just to keep me from thinking. And I haven't been sleeping which is really a shame, because it seems as good a way as anything to forget myself for once. To find escape, however brief. Some kind of makeshift novocaine to dull these feelings I can't shake. So tonight, I drink to forget. I'll raise this glass to everything we never were, and if I can get just a single moment where I can think of you without my hands shaking then that will be enough for me. There've been a whole lot of words exchanged between you and I, and I can't help but wonder just how many were lies and how many you meant when you opened your mouth, but now looking back they have filled you with doubt. All the same, they haunt my steps, exhaled in every lonely breath. The promises you couldn't keep aren't all that's keeping you from me.
Recede 05:38
We can see everything from here… the world stretched out for miles. The city lights below us are stars fallen from the skies. We could stay up here forever, far from fear and doubt and pain. We'll lose ourselves inside this daydream. We'll make our escape. So take my hand in yours and never let me go. And if the sky should fall tonight, would you promise to stay by my side? I'd hold you close as the stars caved in and make a wish as the last one dims. So let's drive until the sunrise paints the mountaintops with light, and the signs along the roadside are just cities' names and miles. Fall asleep against the window and wake up in another town. Let's see how far we get before our time runs out.
Amnesia 06:13
I need to stop thinking. I'm starting to feel sick, and this happens to me altogether too often. This time... yeah, this time's no different. You always said I said sorry too much (I really do) but it had to be one of us and it sure wasn't going to be you. Oh but you... you have no idea. How this feels, what this is like. And you make it look deceptively easy, this forgetting the past two years overnight. You were all that I wanted. (Please note the past tense.) Yes, it's true, but I'm so far past finished with this, and you claim to be done with it too. Still I keep remembering the things I never thought that I would have to miss. This torch that I'm carrying is burning my fingertips, but I keep holding on just the same. If these words should ever reach your ears… they weren't meant to, but I don't take them back. Because I'm done... I'm done pretending that you never made me angry. Trust me, you did. So this is the song I never wrote you. These are the words I never said. This is the one time I'm not sorry for all those times you should have been. This is the song I never wrote you. These are the words I never said. This wasn’t the only indiscretion, but maybe it should have been. This is the end.


The second volume in the Old Songs series of EPs, "Yeah, We All Make Mistakes" contains four songs from the out-of-print 2005 record "That Being Said...". They have been re-recorded and re-imagined until they rate with the best of the band's recent work.

Longtime fan favorite "Playing For Sympathy" opens the EP, a haunting acoustic song layered with bells and piano, harp and cello. "Novocaine" picks up the pace, an indie rock lament with an alt-country drive, and "Recede"'s soaring chorus is the band at their most power-pop. Album closer "Amnesia" is where the trio bare their teeth, as classic post-hardcore builds to a crescendo of ferocity and the vicious screaming counterpoint of drummer Zoey LeFevers and guest vocalist Nick Vance.

From the poll-selected album cover to the track listing made up of oft-requested favorites, this EP is both a chance to revisit the best of the back catalog and a thank-you to fans old and new.

Watch the band discuss the EP track by track in this video:


released December 12, 2012

Matt LeFevers: vocals, guitars, mandolin, banjo, dulcimer, glockenspiel, percussion, harp, keyboards.
Kenny Rice: bass guitar.
Zoey LeFevers: drums, triangle, vocals on "Amnesia".

Ukulele and additional vocals by Jackie LeFevers.
Cello by Riley Maluski.
Guest vocals on "Amnesia" by Nick Vance.
All songs written by Matt LeFevers. Copyright 2005.


all rights reserved


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